Eaglesham and Waterfoot Community Development Trust was established in late 2009 to promote the community, to tackle local issues and  and to improve the quality of life in our village.

The Trust aims to offer a fresh approach to community regeneration.  Independent and under community control, the organisation will try to draw together the energy, commitment and creativity of the local people to tackle local issues.  Through enterprise and the ownership of local assets, the Trust will attempt to address the economic, social, cultural and environmental needs of our community.

The Trust is a voluntary, community led not for-profit group, set up to protect and develop the social, economic and environmental future of our village.  The Trust aims to work with existing village groups and individuals, assisting in project development and funding.  Ultimately we aim to become self-financing and income generate through working with public, private and voluntary sector organisations, whilst remaining non-political and independent.

The strength of the Trust will lie in the number of members we recruit.  The more members we have will demonstrate that the Trust can become an active body within the village of Eaglesham.  Even if you do not wish to become actively involved, your membership demonstrates your support for others who are struggling to improve this community for everybody.


Jim McLean - Chairman

Marlyn McInnes - Treasurer

Annabelle McPherson - Secretary

Christina Brooks

Bill Duguid

Ivor Lough

Sandy McIlwham

Anne McNair

Kenneth Mallard

Bill Niven

Joan Telfer