People and community groups as a whole have been asking the Trust why the Whitelee Windfarm Fund does not cater for the community groups who have no need for the £20,000 minimum amount available from the Wind Farm Fund.

Last year the Trust produced a report which highlighted the need for a Small Grants Fund and this was submitted to East Renfrewshire Council Cabinet.  In April this year ERC cabinet met and decided that there is a need for such a fund and have decided that £10,000 per year will be set aside for this.

This Fund has now been launched and you can find the application form on the "Forms" page.


The Trust are undertaking an ambitious plan which involves renovating the pavilion, replacing the blaes area with astro turf and installing a complete new drainage system in the park.  The costs involved in this are substantial.  We thought about replacing the pavilion with a new community hall but that would be a huge project and would take years to secure funding and we would still have the problems of the drainage in the park.

With this in mind we decided to go for the renovation and we submitted an application to the Whitelee Windfarm Fund which we have been awarded £40,000 from.  The most difficult part of securing funding for any project is obtaining the first part but we can now go to various other funders to try and secure the rest.  We will keep you updated on this.


As well as the Trust obtaining funding from the WFF, other projects within the community have also been granted funding.  Age concern have been granted funds for a new mini-bus, Eaglesham Parish Church for renovations to mid-hall, Eaglesham Music & Drama Group for new PA system and Lighting, which will be available for any groups using the Montgomery Halls, Eaglesham Primary School to develop an outdoor learning area and Eaglesham Community Council for the installation of a Zip Slide and Rail Slide in the play park area.

There will be no more money from the Windfarm fund until next year (October 2015) but we will keep you updated of any developments here.